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Rachel Richards and all our orchestra members welcome Carrie Gruselle Gray as director for our 2023 Summer Session.  You will find Carrie to be a delightful, kind, patient, and talented director.  She’s a founder of this orchestra (with its core mission of bringing music opportunities to all adults).   Carrie is internationally known for her published music, as well!  We are grateful to Carrie for being with us this summer.    

2023 Summer Session rehearsals are held in the shelter at Jefferson Park, in Menasha.  This beautiful venue is only steps from the water (and shore birds).  With sailboats passing by, the evening lake view is sublime.  Six rehearsals in June and July.  With the July 4 week off, we meet at 6:30pm on Wednesdays, June 14, 21, 28, then July 12, 19, 26.

Tuition is $60* for 6 rehearsals from 6:30 to 8pm Wednesday evenings (*there is a small upcharge for online credit card payment).  Go to the “Join Us” page on this website to register.  Registration deadline is June 7th, so don’t wait. No concert, but passersby in the park have been known to stop and listen…  

Our Summer Session includes instruction for strings beginners!  Katy Marino has been with us for years, providing insightful instruction for our adults new to their instrument or for those relearning past strings skills. 

You must bring your instrument, music stand and a folding chair.  A music stand light may be helpful.  Sheet music for the session is provided for your use, and it must be returned at the end of the session.  We rehearse in an open shelter, so bring clothespins, clamps, paper clips, rubber bands, or whatever you might use to secure music to your stand in a strong breeze 

To keep our members safe, we urge you to stay home if you show any signs of illness.         

YOU could be part of New Horizons ORCHESTRA Fox Valley.  Our mission: we welcome all adults wishing to play violin, viola, cello, or string bass in our friendly string ensemble.  Simply go to “Join Us” on this website.  Your registration includes all rehearsals, instruction as needed, and the use of sheet music for this 2023 Spring Session, and emailed orchestra updates.   There is never an audition to join New Horizons Orchestra!  We welcome everyone, regardless of where you are on your musical journey.    You only need an interest in music, an instrument and paid tuition!  Visitors are always welcome!   

Call Linda at  920.739.9547  with your questions.  

New Horizons Orchestra Fox Valley is part of New Horizons Music Fox Valley, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   


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