Orchestra Steering Committee


DirectionOrchestra Steering Committee members:

Bob Schultz           Orchestra Chairperson

Linda Wirtz            Contact Person

Lynn Kolbe             Registrar

Ty Westbrook         Communications, Publicity

Brian Leonhardt     Financial Secretary

Debbie Berg            Volunteers Coordinator


New Horizons Orchestra Fox Valley (NHOFV) joined New Horizons Band Fox Valley (NHBFV), forming New Horizons Music Fox Valley. a 501(c(3) non-profit organization.  The NHMFV board of directors administers those things having to do with the combined organization.  Day-to-day administration of the band is carried out by their NHBFV Executive Committee.

For its day-to-day administration, New Horizons Orchestra Fox Valley has its own independent elected steering committee (all orchestra members) working closely with Rachel Richards, our director, and Olive Bopp, our strings teacher

Orchestra steering committee members are volunteers.  As such, they receive no compensation.  The committee asks for and uses orchestra members’ ideas and concerns when the committee meets to make decisions for and about the orchestra.

“It has opened up a new avenue of friends, provided a wonderful outlet to play music with others, made me less fearful in performing before a crowd, made me realize how soothing playing music can be when things get rough”.  (orchestra member)

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